Your First Counseling Appointment

What to Expect before the First Session:

  1. PLL_bulletWhen you call Resonate Clinic at 913-647-8092 you will speak to our office manager, Terri Mooney.
  2. PLL_bulletShe’ll ask you to briefly describe your child’s problems and your source of stress.
  3. PLL_bulletTerri will also ask you for the best times for one of the Kansas City Child Guidance Center (KCCGC) counselors to call you to set up your first appointment.
  4. PLL_bulletOne of the KCCGC counselors will then call you within 24 hours to set up an appointment AND get to know your situation a little better.
  5. PLL_bulletOn the phone call you can expect questions such as:

  1. PLL_arrow“What are some of the difficult experiences that you have had to suffer in the last year as the result of the problems with your child?”
  2. PLL_arrow“When I get to know you better what qualities and strengths would I come to admire about you as a (person, parent, spouse, etc.)?”
  3. PLL_arrow“What do you think will happen (to your teen, child, marriage, or you) if the problems remain unfixed in the next three to six months, or even year from now?”
  4. PLL_arrow“Have you have seen a counselor for any of these problems before?” If “yes”: “What have other counselors missed? We don’t want to make the same mistakes.”

The First Face to Face Visit:

  1. PLL_bulletThe first session will last approximately an hour and a half. A half hour for paper work and one hour face to face.
  2. PLL_bulletWe will ask the entire family to come for the first session because research shows that child problems are more effectively solved with the support of the entire family.
  3. PLL_bulletSiblings above the age of five are also asked to attend as well as extended family members when appropriate.
  4. PLL_bulletFor the first 30 minutes we will meet with just the parents or caregivers. The last 30 minutes we include the entire family.

By The End of the First Visit You Will:

  1. PLL_checkUnderstand the benefits of an evidence-based approach backed by scientific research vs. treatments without this approach.
  2. PLL_checkUnderstand why PLL is more effective in solving your child’s problem in only 2 months vs. traditional counseling that normally lasts 4 to 12 months.
  3. PLL_checkLearn what is causing your child or teen’s problem and how to solve it.
  4. PLL_checkCreate a Stress Chart to see each person’s stress level on a bad week in relation to everybody else. Click here to see a sample Stress Chart.
  5. PLL_checkSee the benefits to your family of doing group and family therapy together.
  6. PLL_checkLearn how we can heal any unhealed wounds or trauma.
  7. PLL_checkClear benchmarks for graduation and expected outcomes.
  8. PLL_checkDetermine the next action steps and schedule the next session.

Families who have tried other treatment approaches consistently comment that our treatment approach has clear direction, timetables, and measurable outcomes.