Parent Testimonials & Reviews

What Parents are Saying about Parenting With Love and Limits® and Kansas City Child Guidance Center

1.Cheryl J. | May 2013

“This program is for all parents of teenagers. It works and brings the whole family together while not focusing on the past but moving forward to having good relationships with your children.

It is hard to change behavior but this program takes an approach that involves your teen and finds the humor and joy of parenting again.

I have two teens and have been a teacher for twenty years. I would recommend the PLL approach to everyone with children. It is concrete and has a step-by-step approach that makes it easy to apply to any situation.”

2.Deidre | January 2013

“Good ideas. Big on writing a contract with your teen and re-establishing the relationship. Our psychiatrist absolutely loves it. He keeps referring us to the PLL strategies.”

3.Karen Z. | March 2013

“Dr. Sells and PLL are THE authority on out-of-control teenagers. He has devoted his whole career to work and research with teens and children with behavior problems.

He spoke at our Massachusetts Association for Marriage and Family Therapy annual conference a few days ago. His speech was very interesting and informative. He is also a really nice, humble guy.

He is in demand to train people who work with teenagers at large agencies and residential treatment programs all over the country. (The PLL program) is not just about teenagers who run away, do drugs, etc. It also has lots of advice about how to deal with the normally ornery teens to prevent worse problems from developing.”

4.Amy L. | 2013

“Your teen is living in a storm of hormones and temptations. You have to be the rock in the storm. I tried every other program and this one is the best by far. My advice is take the bull by the horns and try this program.”

5.E.C. | February 2011

“My daughter was in a very dark place in her life. She was violent to everyone in our home. She was cutting, sexting, vulgar, and had attempted suicide.

She was put on 24 hour suicide watch for over a week before being admitted to a mental health hospital. While she was in the hospital she was diagnosed as depressed and had additional diagnoses. The doctors placed her on medication until her moods stabilized. She was released to us, but was still very angry and severely aggressive.

The psychologist recommended PLL for me and my husband. I read the entire “Parenting Your Out of Control Teenager” book and then started the steps in counseling. I saw immediate improvement in her behavior and the way I treated her. She was improving every day.

Two months went by and the doctors took her off the medication. She continued the therapy once a week for 6 months. I continued to use the steps in PLL the entire time.

Her behavior improved beyond my greatest expectations. The program takes a real investment in time, patience and the determination to make a difference in your child’s life.

If you are dedicated to the steps and willing to take a hard look at how you have allowed your child to become the way he/she is. This is the program for you.

My daughter is now attending the Pre-Med program at a Major University with full academic and merit scholarships.”

6.Hurst | March 2011

“I thought I had tried it all and I thought I knew what to do because I am a nurse, and I have read a lot of programs in my life..

Nothing worked in the long run and now I know why! I was on the brink of my insanity but then I found this program. Thank you!!!!!.

I was so close to sending my daughter to a boarding school because I just couldn’t take it any longer. She suffers from the ‘literal disease’ big time plus she can be a ‘terrorist’ as well. I realized that sending her away would only make things better temporarily. The answer was picking the battles and having a well written contract!.

I can’t thank you enough!!! I feel like I could hug you right now. Thank you!”.

7.Sasha | March 2007

“I was looking for concrete, specific actions to reduce the fighting between myself and my 13 year old daughter. I also knew she was not grasping the concept of the role she plays in determining her own circumstances. With only 1 contract in place (just about keeping her room clean), things have already improved.

She THANKED me for writing the contract, and wants to know when I will be done with the one about school work!”