Our Counseling Philosophy

We Believe…

  1. PLL_bulletIn concrete tools like Super Nanny with dress rehearsals to solve the problem quickly and effectively with less reliance on traditional talk therapy.
  2. PLL_bulletIn evidence-based treatment. PLL has shown research outcomes to reduce your child’s problems. Other treatments do not have this track record.
  3. PLL_bulletIn clear and concrete contracts to give clear direction to everyone in the family.
  4. PLL_bulletIn spring training camp like the KC Chiefs. Would the Chiefs ever show up to training camp without a playbook or clear contract with plenty of practice drills or dress rehearsals? So why should you be any different before you take the field of play with your teenager.
  5. PLL_bulletIn the power of the family and creating a spa like experience. Sessions will be entertaining with movie clips to make key points but most importantly we will strive to provide clear hope and direction.
  6. PLL_bulletIn the village – The support of extended family and friends. In the old days, this was done all the time and it worked. If you don’t believe us visit tribal villages in Africa.
  7. PLL_bulletThat spiritual faith is closely tied to your family’s mental and emotional health. So when invited in we will connect with God’s healing power.
  8. PLL_bulletThat the power to parent has been stripped away from our parents today.
  9. PLL_bulletThat instead of empowering parents to take charge of their teen’s problem, both children and teens have been overmedicated in record numbers or placed in boot camps, hospitals, or institutions. Medication is used only when needed.