Information For Teens

Are you dealing with any of these issues at home?

  1. PLL_checkFeeling Misunderstood. Problems Communicating with Parents.
  2. PLL_checkIssues Around Trust and Freedom? Little to no trust with parents.
  3. PLL_checkTreated Differently From Brothers and Sisters.
  4. PLL_checkWant Adults Off Your Case.
  5. PLL_checkWilling to Come to the Table to Negotiate But Your Family is Stuck.
  6. PLL_checkFeeling Alone and Isolated or Anxious.
  7. PLL_checkExperiencing Any Bullying From Peers or on Facebook.
  8. PLL_checkHave You and Your Parents Become Distant With Unhealed Wounds?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions read on…

  1. PLL_bulletWe can act like a good mediator between you and your parents or other members of your family. Families can get stuck like everything else.
  2. PLL_bulletThe good news with KCCGC is that we believe and practice the philosophy that everyone plays a part in the healing process, not just you.
  3. PLL_bulletIf you want to meet one on one that is OK, but most problems get solved much faster when everyone changes together.
  4. PLL_bulletIt can be scary to start counseling and seek help for your problems, but often it can make a world of a difference. You don’t have to continue suffering.
  5. PLL_bulletMany teens feel like nothing can change their family situation when things are bad, but we have had lots of success making things better.
  6. PLL_bulletPlease visit Your First Appointment to better understand how we will typically structure our meetings together.
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