Information For Parents

If you're seeking help through therapy for your child or teen...

We can appreciate how stressed you might be if you teen or child is acting out. At this moment all you want is an answer for why your child or teen is having problems. You wonder what to do before things get worse.

What makes it more confusing is:

The Dilemma

  1. PLL_bulletUnlike the medical field, there is no standardization in mental health.
  2. PLL_bulletAt last count, there were more than 250 different mental health theories to choose from. And most of these have no outcome research (Duncan & Miller, 2000).
  3. PLL_bulletIf you had lung cancer, for example, you could go to several different countries and basically receive the same type of treatment.
  4. PLL_bulletHowever, for mental health issues, you could visit multiple mental health professionals in the same office and leave with multiple approaches to treatment.

A Solution

  1. PLL_bulletWe understand this dilemma and invite you to one session to see why over 80% of the parents who start PLL complete treatment.
  2. PLL_bulletWe’ll show you why you’ll see change in your teen in two months vs. traditional counseling that can last anywhere from 4-12 months. Read the KCCGC Difference.
  3. PLL_bulletThe treatment model we use, “PLL” – Parenting with Love and Limits® is evidence-based and well-researched to treat the problems listed above.
  4. PLL_bulletWe believe that families are the greatest support system for their children, so we work with families as a resource to find a solution for your child or teen’s problem.
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