KCCGC Difference – What Makes Our Approach to Teen Counseling Unique?

Our approach to counseling for teens is distinctive because we focus on the whole family. To see lasting change in your teen or child’s disruptive behavior, you as the parent must be consistent in your parenting methods – building open communication, setting boundaries, and establishing emotional attachments. At KCCGC, we work with the entire family to create a solid foundation so your child or teen can have continuing success.

“A review of all available research data show that youth will return to past problems if their parents remain unchanged in the areas of consistent limit setting, rebuilding emotional attachments, and improved communication.
[bold added] (pg. 159)

Source: Williams R. J., & Chang, S. Y. (2000). A comprehensive and comparative review of adolescent substance abuse treatment outcomes.
Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice, 7, 138–166.

Building on this research, we practice key differences from traditional counseling:

Traditional Counseling

Other Centers

  • Too Much Talk Therapy:
    Parents leave the session with insights but often no concrete tools.
  • Lack of Evidence-Based Treatment:
    Treatment models used are often not backed by research on effective outcomes.
  • New School Parenting:
    Not enough emphasis on putting the parent back in charge of the household.
  • Limited Spa Experience:
    Without concrete tools, parents often leave with more questions and more anxiety than before.
  • Long Term Treatment:
    Traditional treatments are often one hour sessions that can last 4 to 6 months which is too long for teens in crisis.
  • May Emphasize Only a Humanistic Approach:
    Counselors may work with natural energy within a person or family to promote healthier living but fail to integrate the supernatural healing power of God and Jesus.
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Parenting with Love and Limits® (PLL)

Kansas City Child Guidance Center

  • Concrete Skills and Tools:
    Parents walk out of a KCCGC with concrete tools to fix the problems with their teenager fast!
  • Uses an Evidence-Based Model:
    KCCGC uses PLL. This means that the treatment model is backed by research outcomes.
  • Old School Parenting:
    We believe in the Seasons of Parenting and that we need to get back to basics.
  • Provide a Parent Spa Experience:
    Parents come to us overwhelmed and exhausted. They leave with clear tools and hope like a great spa experience.
  • Brief Treatment With Better Results:
    Because the PLL is evidence-based, we can work "smarter not harder" and achieve better results in only 30 to 60 days instead of 4 to 6 months.
  • A Presence-Based Spiritual Approach:
    If your family permits it, we strongly believe in God's healing power, and will bring it into the overall therapy process.
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