Treating the Tough Adolescent



This book illuminates the causes of severe adolescent behavioral problems and presents a research-based, 15-step model for helping families bring about meaningful change. Incorporating structural and strategic principles, the author’s cohesive approach focuses on setting clear rules and consequences; changing the mood and direction of confrontations; neutralizing such problem behaviors as disrespect, truancy, running away, violence, and threats of suicide; and restoring positive, nurturing family relationships. Featuring a wealth of illustrative case examples, this is an indispensable clinical guidebook and text.

Book Reviews

1.Canadian Child Psychiatry Review, from the The Canadian Academy of Child Psychiatry

“I recommend this book for anyone who works with difficult adolescents and their families. It is an excellent volume outlining a step-by-step approach to effecting lasting change in behaviorally disordered adolescents.”

2.Journal of Family Psychotherapy, a premiere family research journal, July 2004

“One of the best treatment manuals for working with adolescent problems that exists within the family therapy field…a must read for everyone who treats difficult teenagers.”

3.Neil Schiff, from the Foreword

“Dr. Sells’s approach, which is theoretically derived, extensively researched, and carefully refined, is logical, considerate, eminently practical, and easy to follow. His explanations of what to do, why to do it, and how to do it should be accessible and useful to all.”

4.Jay Haley, from the Foreword

Treating the Tough Adolescent offers a sensible approach to resolving the family problems of difficult adolescents…This is a valuable book that wedges research-supported ideas into practical guidance for therapists struggling with exasperating adolescents and their families.”

5.Matthew D. Selekman, MSW, Response Center, Skokie, IL

“This book is a gem. Sells provides front-line clinicians with a step-by-step road map for doing effective family therapy with difficult adolescents.”